Frequently asked Questions.

Do you do Commissions?

Of Course! We love working on commissions anywhere from a single item to dinnerware sets for your restaurant or wedding reception. feel free to contact us here.

Are your products food safe?

All Four Eleven Studios products are made with food and dishwasher safe Clays and Glazes.

Are your products Microwave and oven safe?

All Four Eleven Studios products are microwave and oven safe, care must be taken when quickly heating or cooling our products. For example placing a cold dish in a preheated oven may cause the dish to crack or break due to the rapid change in temperature, to avoid this simply place the filled dish in a cold oven and then turn oven on, add about 10 minutes to the bake time of whatever you’re cooking.

Similarly do not take a cup or mug from the hot dishwasher and fill it with ice water, give the mug some time to come to room temperature.